The Homemaker Baker's Favorite Recipes, 2nd Ed.
by Marilyn Thomas


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The Homemaker Baker's
2nd Edition

What do Muscle Beach and Apple Hill have in common?
Marilyn Thomas
The Homemaker Baker AND Miss Muscle Beach!

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Marilyn Thomas, California's popular Homemaker Baker, cookbook author, and certified organic Apple Hill Grower, also holds the title of Miss Muscle Beach of 1953.

She met her husband-to-be, Wally Thomas, at his gym in southern California, where the two developed their skill in physical fitness, opened their own gym, and embarked on an enduring and "fruitful" marriage.

Now, fifty short years later, Marilyn again promotes the slender, healthy way of life through her revised cookbook, The Homemaker Baker's Favorite Recipes, Second Edition, updated from the original 1990 edition. While she includes her popular old favorites and delicious new creations, she also includes organic options and lite versions with nutritional data for those who want to cut down on fat and carbohydrates in their diet. Read more >

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What do Muscle Beach and Apple Hill have in common?


This New Edition
F E A T U R E S:

Organic options
 Lite versions
 Nutritional data
 New creations
 Old favorites
 Easy recipes!
 Book lays flat
      or folds back

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