The Homemaker Baker's Favorite Recipes, 2nd Ed.
by Marilyn Thomas


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Wally poses with a model..

Marilyn & Wally posing.

The Homemaker Baker's
2nd Edition

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Miss Muscle Beach of 1953, Marilyn Thomas,
and the runners-up.

The 2-piece swim suit that had to be purchased
under the counter in a brown paper bag,
and Marilyn's Betty Grable pose (right)

Wally in various body-builder poses

At left and below, Wally and friends perform remarkable
feats of physical skill, strength and agility
at the Thomas & Bright Gym.


Search light brings attention to the Thomas & Bright Gym.
Wally & Marilyn later started a gymnasium of their own.

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What do Muscle Beach and Apple Hill have in common?


This New Edition
F E A T U R E S:

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 Lite versions
 Nutritional data
 New creations
 Old favorites
 Easy recipes!
 Book lays flat
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Above and below, Marilyn
and Wally demonstrate
their physical skill,
agility, and beauty.

Marilyn also did some professional modeling.

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